Since its inception Ozark Network Communications has been an innovator in developing web applications and technologies. We have also partnered with solution companies to enhance our regiment of tools, enabling our customers to enhance their business needs for better web applications and internet communications.
Content Management Systems Solutions
Since the late 1990's Oznet has been developing tools to help non-programmers be able to easily maintain their websites.  Oznets brand name cms Banshee offers a robust set of tools to help our clients maintain their website. Banshee CMS is a custom CMS application. What this means is we can easily integrate it into existing websites and enable those users to maintain their own website.  A custom CMS gives us the ability to easily change its functionality  to meet the clients needs.
Premium Email Service

You work hard to build your business. So it only makes sense to extend your company name to your on-line communication. Provide your customers with an easy-to-remember on-line identity. With Premium email , you can send and receive messages using a professional email address such as from any computer, any place in the world.
Email Defence

For only pennies a day, Email Defenceis the most comprehensive and effective email threat protection service on the market. We successfully block over 98% of spam with an industry leading low false-positive rate, while also eliminating viruses, worms and other unwanted content and threats!

With our solution, all email is filtered prior to reaching your inbox. Any suspect messages are moved to a quarantine area where YOU can safely read the message and decide whether to ignore, release or deny the message forever!
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